Aikido puzzle

Aikido mystery puzzle

Designed by Aikidokas for the adventurous hearts of all ages, this puzzle is the ultimate mix of fun and challenge. You’ve made it here, which means you’re so close to cracking the code! Pop in the code to dive into the video. But hey, keep your eyes peeled! Blink, and you might just miss the epic finale. Ready to catch the clue before it vanishes?

1. Have you found the wheelchair Aikidoka?
2. Someone lost their blue slippers with pink flowers. Do you know where to find them?
3. Ando sensei’s have orange weapon bags, how many teachers are participating in this seminar?
4. Do you know in which country this seminar is being held?
5. Evy has lost the flowers for the portrait, do you know where they are?
6. Is this workshop about to start or has it finished?
7. How many hakama wearers are present?
8. Jeroen and Elan are in love, do you know where they are?
9. Peter is hungry, what food has he ordered?
10. If you find Wendy, could you wake her up? She is still sleeping.
11. Which animal is actually not allowed in here?
12. It’s Tim’s birthday and he is wearing an orange belt, do you know where he is to congratulate him?
13. Jessica has lost a piece of fruit, do you know where she left it?
14. How many uchi deshis are keeping the mat clean? Each deshi has it’s own broom.
15. Do you know where the ball is that came in through the broken window?

Check all the answers right here JPG.

Unlock the video by answering the following question: which year did Ando start their dojo? Use these 4 digits to play the video and figure out what happend.