Aikido advertising

Like all Aikido dojo’s, we have the same issue: advertising Aikido. Thankfully sensei Edo Slui is a creative director and has a creative view on advertising in Aikido. This way he came up with this fun way to advertise when was at the airport (coming back from an Aikido seminar… of course). The ‘wet floor sign’ is transformed in size and message. Most important of all it’s a nice and lazy way to advertise. All you have to do is just set up the sign near the dojo or activity and those who are interested can get more info. 

It’s not only the size of the sign that matters, but also it’s key message. Roughly translated it says: Caution! Aikido class nearby. We do not only teach how to defend yourself, but also how to take a proper fall. Like to learn more about Aikido? Go to

On the backside we chose to have a place to put the good old dojo flyer. But also a QR code (that can be scanned by iPhone’s camera directly) and an NFC for android phones (by keeping it close to the board). This can easily be done with the NFC app “NFC Tools” for android and if you just google ‘Free QR generator’ you’ll be able to make one yourself. 

If you want more info, watch the making of video in which we show you how to make it. And soon the sticker and blueprint can be downloaded from, a website to inspire all assistants and teachers in the Aikido world.

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