Aikido Trainers

Aikido school Ando has existed for over 20 years. The main trainers are sensei Edo and Anne. Below, they briefly introduce themselves, followed by all other trainers you will encounter on the mat. Both as a teacher and as a student. (Because just like sensei Edo and Anne, also a trainer never stops learning).

Edo and Anne Slui sensei

You can already find a lot about us on our website, so we will tell you a bit more about ourselves and what drives us. Edo has made his hobby his job. He is a real 'creativeAndo dojo is his playground. For example, several Aikido shirts rolled out of his sleeve (and were personally printed), but he also has an Aikido children's book to his name. Everything that can be designed or creatively lifted to a new level... that makes him happy.

AnneIn addition to my passion for Aikido and other budo sports, which I have been practising for a number of years now, I am also involved in lifelong learning. learning and development. I have always been interested in humanity and its purpose on earth. But also the way we interpret it, the systems we devise and the developments we experience. I use my teaching profession to be able to investigate these issues and to spread knowledge. My studies in commercial economics (within the sports world), teacher training in general economics and now my master's degree in Management Science give me the basis to better understand the world from a Western point of view. This together with all the knowledge from Aikido, Eastern philosophy, gives me the feeling of a balanced life. During my Aikido lessons, I zoom in on various themes that are relevant to development on and off the mat.


In daily life, I am an occupational therapist for people with visual impairments but my great passion is Aikido. The beauty of both is that you can help people to get the best out of themselves. Both during therapy and with Aikido, you work together so that both can grow and achieve a beautiful result.

I think it is important that you know why something works or why you perform a technique in a certain way and I want to inspire you to think about this during the lessons. What follows from this is often a new revelation for both the student and me as trainer because everyone looks at a technique or exercise differently. See you soon on the Mat.


Ik ben eigenaar van een engineering bureautje , voor ontwerpen en tekenwerk in de installatietechniek. Dit vereist een redelijk hoge precisie. Aikido is daar een heerlijke aanvulling op, daar moeten ook de puntjes op de “i” en ANDO is voor mij dan ook de plaats en familie waar ik me graag uitleef in de training! En waar ik ook graag met jou, invulling zou willen geven aan een stukje van jouw leven…

Aikido is namelijk meer dan een sport, bij ANDO is het ook een samenwerking van iedereen, elkaar scherp houden, bijschaven en vooral opbouwen van elkaar, zowel op de mat als daarbuiten. Daarin wil ik ook graag voor je klaarstaan en begeleiden.

Feel welcome and get the best out of yourself together with us!


I originally come from Italy. When I started training Aikido in April 1997 in Bari, the city where I am from. I began training as a way to do something with my elder brother, but little did I know that I was going to jump on a journey that still today constantly gives me balance and keeps me at peace with the outside and the inside world.

In my life I have travelled a lot: besides in Italy and the Netherlands, I have lived in Finland and Mexico and I had the chance to train Aikido in all these countries, learning how the same art can feel completely different and new every time you look at it from a different perspective. I arrived in the Netherlands in 2011, here I have found a new home, a wonderful job and a great dojo here at Ando.

Hope you join us soon and start your journey with us!


Teaching is my great passion, so making the step to teaching our beautiful sport Aikido was a small one. I have been practising Aikido for more than 15 years, which I enjoy doing.

I like to work dynamically during training, so you will see this regularly during my lessons. My favourite technique is Irimi Nage, I can't get enough of it!

Let's look together at how we can use Aikido to make ourselves feel better, both physically and mentally. That is my personal challenge to all of you in my classes. I hope you leave the mat with a good feeling, that is what we are doing it for together!