Aikido is one of the most beautiful forms of Budo. A Japanese martial art based on a philosophy of non-violence and harmony. It evolved from the ancient traditions and skills of the Japanese samurai. Despite, or perhaps because of, its non-violent nature, Aikido is considered an extremely effective method of self-defence. That is why Aikido is, among other things, part of basic police training.

Physical strength is kept to a minimum in Aikido. While suppleness, dynamics, flexibility and inner strength are stimulated. There is always someone stronger than you, especially when it comes to male/female ratio. It is therefore smarter to use your opponent's strength against him when performing a technique. This is done by moving out of the line of attack and using circular and spinning movements to then control the attacker with a punch or throw him away. Techniques therefore require little physical strength and can be practised by young and old.

In addition Aikido has no contests. Whereas 'ordinary' sports encourage technical progress through competition, the founder of Aikido very deliberately chose not to. First and foremost, Aikido is a discipline designed to penetrate the inner meaning of equality and aims to serve humanity, to refine it. In competitions there is one winner. People develop the mental attitude to do everything possible to win. This attitude can be a detriment to one's personality. A victory is relative and fragile, but a victory over yourself is absolute!

"Aikido is a path of no resistance and is therefore unbeatable from the very beginning. We must become one with our thought, feeling and with grace and compassion of the universal mind. Therein is love (Ai), no contest, no enemy and no opposition to anyone else. He whose feeling does not coincide with his mentality cannot in any way come into harmony with the laws of the universe." Morihei Ueshiba (Founder)

In Aikido, you will learn 'how' to win without fighting. You will also learn 'a meeting with yourselfexperience on the mat. Knowing yourself a little better and making a connection between the experiences you have had and daily life. You will also move more freely and focus more on what suits you. You become more aware of yourself and experience your inner strength. The environment that Ando provides is a determining factor. Aikido is not a sport that makes you look more beautiful on the outside, but it is a sport that makes you look more beautiful on the inside. stronger on the inside.

Fun fact: Aikido is officially recognised by the Ministry of Health as a martial art that contributes positively to human physical and mental health.

O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba (founder) has also been awarded a prize by the Emperor of Japan for the contribution Aikido has made to the country's culture.

Sensei Anne throws Edo with a dynamic throw.

Our grandmaster Yoshimitsu Yamada Sensei with sensei
Anne Slui as an uke during a seminar.

Edo sensei throws Anne with a very effective throw, sumi otoshi.

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