Expats in Eindhoven

Are you or do you know an Expat in Eindhoven? Then this page is for you. Ando is a dojo with a diversity of nationalities. From Hungarian to Polish, German, French or Italian all nationalities are welcome here. As an expatriate you naturally try to integrate as well as possible into the Dutch culture. With a sport/martial art like Aikido, this is even easier.

Because Aikido does not have a competition, you are immediately more relaxed on the mat. You are mainly focused on the movements that are shown. Something sensei Edo and Anne know only too well. As children, they stood on the mat with grandmaster Christian Tissier, who spoke mainly French. Well, that was a language they did not learn at school yet. So she learned mainly by watching and listening carefully. Through students who sat next to them and occasionally translated for them, they began to understand more and more how it all worked. In the dojo at Ando this is no different. Even in our children's group, the children like to help each other, also a nice way of practising English for them.

In addition Aikido a social communityCertainly at Ando. Before or after the training, they like to catch up on all kinds of things. An easy way for an expat to get to know how things work here. It's not surprising, as the Ando dojo is right next to ASML and NXP. Not to mention Eindhoven Airport. Which we also like to use, because we love to train abroad. 

We also like to invite foreign sensei or grandmasters for Aikido lessons in our dojo. They are experts in the field of Aikido. It happens more often that these trainer(s) also bring their own group of people from Europe/World to our dojo. How cool is that! In short, if you are or know an expatriate who works in the Netherlands, come and join us for a trial lesson in Aikido.

Eindhoven Aikido school ANDO gives a small demonstration.

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