Kids Aikido (7+)

Onze Aikido les leert je kind sociale en motorische vaardigheden. Omgaan met lastige situaties (zoals pesten en ruzie). Met de tijd zul je zien dat het zelfvertrouwen groeit en je kind steeds meer voorzichzelf durft op te komen. Het wordt ook wel als vervolg gezien op de bekende Rots en Water training.

At Aikido school Ando, they teach for more than 20 years by Edo and Anne Slui, to children in the Netherlands and abroad. Their grandmaster Yoshimitsu Yamada sensei is one of the last masters who still trained directly with the founder Morihei Ueshiba.

It is their passion sharing Aikido with as many people as possible and to be an inspiration to the community. This is reflected in all the training they do as well as giving. The lessons are active and full of Aikido techniquesThe aim is to create a better environment for the children, to create forms of play and movement with resilient solutions.

Thus, the children at Ando learn to defend themselves without learning to fight.
Tenslotte is Aikido een Martial Art die geen competitie kent zoals een Karate of Judo dat wel kent.

Whether they have ADHD / Autism, with us it is about fun on the mat with each other. Because in addition to the regular classes, Ando often organises fun activities in which all Aiki kids can participate. Every year there are new things on the agenda.

By training with Bokken and Jo, children learn to focus.

Ando activities are surprising every year. For example, we have done Colored Aikido here.

Lesson in tying hakama, looks easier than it is.

Definitely. We are convinced that if a child stands on the mat and trains often enough, it becomes more and more assertive and confident with time. Often it is also a matter of giving the child time to develop in this area. With all the techniques and exercises in Aikido, this will be fine.

Very understandable. Everything that is new is exciting. That is why you can come and watch a lesson without having to join in. (You can indicate this on the trial lesson form. Then plan a trial lesson for the week that you can come and train and mention in comments that you are coming to watch the week before).

If you have a Judo-suit lying around somewhere, it is handy, but not necessary. Loose-fitting" clothing is fine, think of a sweatpants with a t-shirt. This will also be explained in the mail you receive when you come for the trial lesson.

Definitely! Everyone is welcome to train with us. Did you know that sensei Edo and Anne also started with Aikido? They both stepped onto the mat at the same time.

We will share the costs with you after the first lesson. It is important to us that you like Aikido.not because it is cheaper than tennis, for example. If it is too expensive, we will find a solution. The essence is, do you like Aikido? That is why our trial lesson is free. The choice after that is always up to you.

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