Our story

Our dream is to live in a world of equality and connection. In connection with yourself and your environment. We know that people who are in their own power are more likely to lead fulfilled lives, make better choices and share their happiness with others.

In order to follow our thoughts and movement, it is good to take a little trip into the past, how we started on a young age (14 and 16 years) to be able to help others.

Ando was founded in 2002 as a result of Roefelen in Veldhoven. Roefelen was initiated by the foundation Jantje Beton to let children sniff at companies. Marga and Wim (parents of Edo and Anne) were self-employed and established in the health centre. The roving committee looked for companies for their children's groups. Marga and Wim could not do much for them but knew that it was always difficult, because Edo and Anne used to go rofeling as well. They always loved it, so we decided to join the four of us. Hoping that this would suffice for the robbing, but it became more than that.

"Many parents had now found it for their child. Fear of failure, ADHD, Autism, all sorts of things came along with stories about the child. This made us think and we decided to give it a shot. Edo and Anne were on the mat as assistant coaches in judo and with aikido they trained at a high level for their age, so in that respect it was possible.

Together we prepared a enjoyable day of aikido for. That could not be difficult because we were enthusiastic about it ourselves. We made a dojo in the centre for that day and filled the rooms with aikido stuff. Edo and Anne were young (14 and 16 years old) and were closer to the children than the adults. Besides, life is give and take. Edo and Anne could set themselves as an example. Because they had already received so much from aikido, it was not wrong to pass on aikido as well. First they consulted the sensei of Edo and Anne, at that time Christian Tissier Shihan.

With his approval, we followed everything that was necessary. As a family, we had everything. Wim had a marketing/advertising and management background and I a healthcare background. Edo and Anne filled in the shoes of the trainers. Wim who is now pursuing his career in education, helped them with the lessons and gave feedback. I gave the parents information about aikido and who we were."

Written by Marga Slui- Swart 2012


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