Sansuikai 山水会

Sansuikai International is an organisation established by Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan. Om zo zijn directe leerlingen in een bepaalde continent te verbinden met elkaar. Er bestaat zo een Sansuikai voor Zuid Amerika en Europa. De aangesloten dojo’s behouden hun its own autonomybut are mainly seeking mutual interaction in the field of exchange of knowledge, seminars and friendship.By working together, there is more cohesion and spread of Aikido.

Sansuikai means:

SAN 山 : Mountain.
SUI 水 : Water.
KAI 会 : Association.

It is a non-profit organisation, directly and officially recognised by Aikikai 合気会, Tokyo, Japan through Yoshimitsu Yamada. Shihan. Bekijk hier de website.

Edo en Anne Slui zijn de enige directe leerling van Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan in Nederland. Zo vertegenwoordigen ze Yamada Sensei en Sansuikai, in hun eigen land. It is both an honour and a great responsibility to be able to do this.

Ando is closely involved with Sansuikai Together with Peter van Marck and Silvia Eschenlauer, he organised the first official Sansuikai seminar in 2013. This was so well received that it is now organised every year. During this seminar various Sansuikai teachers come to Antwerp to teach in a weekend. The number of lessons and diversity makes it a huge success.

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