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Chances are that our seminar committee is busy scheduling the seminar(s) in consultation with the teacher. We can only post this information once everything has been arranged. 


Since you are here anyway, we can tell you a few things about what makes our seminars so special. It's not just the teacher, we can tell you. Every seminar held at Ando has a specific theme. Sometimes we share this already at the announcement and other times during the training itself. (Sometimes it is good to go onto the mat with an open mindset).

Teachers who give seminars with us will challenge you. This may be through techniques they share with you that you don't know, or familiar techniques with a twist. Everything to make sure that you gets off the mat satisfied and have the feel that you have learned something

In addition to the training, we offer the possibility to get in touch with other Aikidokas. We try to make lunch or dinner as accessible as possible. (If the situation permits).

Below we share some video impressions of our seminars that have taken place with us through time.



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