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The adult classes are offered mixed in different locations (from 14 years of age). By studying the background of aikido, it may have become clearer that aikido has a nice balance between the budo elements (true self-defence) and spirituality (mind-set). Because of this comprehensiveness, it is sometimes difficult to explain what Aikido is. But to give you an idea.

An Aikidoka (one who practices Aikido) never attacks! It is based on peace and non-violent resilience. This principle is also reflected in the techniques, in which you do not definitively eliminate the attacker, but control him by means of, for example, clamps. In Aikido, the emphasis is on circular movements, with which the power of the opponent is used against him. The techniques therefore require little physical strength. Aikido is therefore definitely suitable for womenand you assume that everyone is stronger than you. Aikido can also help you help to develop physically and spiritually.  

The reason why Aikido is such a beautiful 'sport' is because you can practice it all your life and it gives you tools to refine yourself as a human being. Whatever the reason for starting Aikido, there is always something to be gained outside the mat. You can endlessly discover and rediscover yourself in Aikido. And that is what makes this Japanese martial art so 'cool'.

To me, Aikido is a Japanese martial art that has the elegance of dance, the efficiency of a spear and the breathtaking wonder of Patagonia. Because there is No contests are, the only aim is to improve your own technique. To increase your growth and development by following the Japanese wisdom. It is not for nothing that the Japanese live longer and have a happy life. More and more of this wisdom (Eastern philosophy) is coming to the West, think of Ikigai, Zen, mindfullness, calligraphy etc. Also yoga is not completely unknown in Aikido. For years, these methods were used in the warming up before the start of class. Aikido is still traditional and therefore retains the power of these wisdoms. Does this appeal to you? Sign up for an introduction class and experience this unique 'sport'. We will give you a warm welcome.

Sensei Anne demonstrates the Aikido technique kotegeashi 

Yes. We believe that Aikido works. Of course, like all martial arts, it requires enough mat-hours. In addition to this question, an Aikidoka only sees a 'battle won' when there was no need to fight. That is the essence of Aikido.

Aikido has many (graceful) turning movements. You will never see an Aikidoka blocking something, but turning with the energy coming at him. Followed by e.g. a wrist clamp, which then results in a nice floating roll. Not because this is a realistic falling motion, but because it is one of the best ways to prevent injuries. Did you know that Aikido has the most variations in fall breaking of all Martial-Arts?

We would say the philosophy of Aikidothat is where it starts. Whereby the lessons you learn with the Aikido is also very useful in everyday life. Think of things you might encounter at the office. (That is why you often see Aikido being taught as corporate training. See Ando for corporate training). In any case, Aikido is not the martial art that you will encounter in the UFC. (In itself, this is not a bad thing as you will not often run into these people).

Whether or not you have a background in Budo (a collective term for martial arts) makes no difference. Everyone's learning path is different. Uiteraard heb je er wel wat voordelen bij. Maar is geen must om deel te nemen. We bouwen dit samen verder uit.

We will share the costs with you after the first lesson. It is important to us that you like Aikido.not because it is cheaper than tennis, for example. If it is too expensive, we will find a solution. The essence is, do you like Aikido? That is why our trial lesson is free. The choice after that is always up to you.

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