Aikido has a large community that goes beyond dojo and country borders. Because Aikido is practised worldwide, there are no competitions but there are seminars, it creates unity. You are not expected to make choices in friendships based on your level or club of training. But based on equality, passion for Aikido, and common interests. This means that you will meet many new people by going to seminars at home and abroad. You will get to know cultures and their customs better. You build your own network of friends all over the world and that makes it great fun to travel and learn from others in addition to practising Aikido. For more information, see the seminars page.

But at the same time, you don't have to go far away to experience this community feeling. Also in our own dojo, at Ando, you will experience this right from the moment you take your first introduction lesson. It is important to us that everyone feels welcome And for this reason you will always be looked after by someone who can show you the way within Ando. In Japanese we call this Senpai- KoheiThe Senpai is the older brother/sister (senior aikidoka) who takes care of the younger (junior aikidoka) and helps where possible. This bond is very important to the Japanese. Just as important as a good relationship between Sensei (teacher) and Deshi (student). Relationships are the building blocks and core values of us as human beings. So also for the community that has each other's best interests at heartIt is a way of helping each other grow, daring to reflect and having fun together.

Ando does not stop with the pupils who are actively on the mat, but You can stay involved and maintain the friendships you have built up even afterwards. Especially if you have trained at Ando since childhood or for many years, there will always be a special connection. We support this and always like to stay connected with former students. Activities are organised with no obligation for you to attend.  

There is nothing like the Ando Aikido community.

Groepsfoto van het afgelopen seizoen.

Looking back on the ando camp

We started off with a children's/youth camp with the theme "Old and New". Of course because the gunpowder vapours from the fireworks were still lingering in our nostrils and the oliebollen had not yet left our stomachs, but even more so because of the review of 10 years of Ando during the camp. With highlights from previous camps.

What a camp it was! The consequences were obvious to the parents. The camp had tired their children out and afterwards they were lying on the couch, asleep. That means at least one thing: that camp MUST have been a success. What a party it was, right from the start. Personally, I enjoyed various activities to the full. Together with the children and youth members of Ando we had some adventures! Unknown foods were eaten (WHAT A MOOD), balloon races were held and forest games were played. The photo game was very exciting. Every group of kids with a youth member went through the forest looking for the pictures of missing staff members. With the thieves on their heels, the children ran from post to post in search of the missing memories. Of course a camp is also about getting up early, to have their picture taken with all of us happy (and tired)! Making delicious croissants and then changing clothes to practice some Aikido before dinner. Because an Aikido camp without Aikido would be too crazy for words! The trip in time was fun for many children and maybe even more fun for the staff members? Blindfolded, the children and youth members were placed in Ando's time machine and a voice told them what they were experiencing. Flying animals, the Chihuahua mosquito, pots of pepper that fell apart, Edo's Gangnam Syle, weird situations in Michelle's dojo and of course the medicine that gave a sparkling feeling on your tongue. Besides a beautiful Ando's Next Top Model, the children were allowed to dress up nicely for the fancy evening dinner. Anne and Edo were also very nicely decorated! The rest of the staff were the waiters, all nicely dressed. They brought snacks, drinks and delicious food around. The last day was scheduled for cleaning up, everyone helped well and the log cabin where we were sitting was left behind neatly. After a sandwich, coffee, tea and a nice song from the youth members (because of their adopted eggs) the camp ended with a beautiful conclusion. I can't wait to see what we do next year! You will of course be coming too, won't you! Text: Kim L.

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